Roz Danford reviewed They call me Momma Patsy — 5 star
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December 18, 2017 · 

Recommendation for Patsy  (Review via
Patsy has been our nanny for the past four years. Her duties included caring for our three children ages 2, 5, and 7. She got them ready for school, ballet, karate lessons and drove them to and from safely. She washed their laundry, cooked their meals, and dressed them. One of our favorite things about Patsy was she would chose a theme of the week and then bring books, do crafts and activities around that theme. She loved to read and play with the children and took them to the zoo, aquarium, and parks regularly. She is also self-motivated and would take on organization projects without being asked. Patsy is gifted with young children and her calm and peaceful manner provided the children with a happy caregiver. Her love for the children was very evident. We highly recommend Patsy as a talented and highly capable caregiver.

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Patsy has been entrusted with the care of our 3 year old for several months now, and we could not be more pleased with her service. Our child has learned many things in the short time they have been with her. She has a curriculum set out that we believe will help our child prepare for the next step, school. Our child looks forward to going every day and is excited to do the things that Patsy has planned. She gives us a report every day, outlining our child’s disposition, attitude, as well as napping, eating, and potty times and specifics. It’s great! Patsy does activities, crafts, art projects, spelling and numbers every day and sees to it that we get them at the end of the day. Her home is clean, neat and tidy, and she has a special room dedicated to the activities that she does. We would highly recommend Patsy to any one for child care.

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You won’t find a better care taker in Sandy. From the day we dropped our son off at 6mo. or so, he has been loved, mentally and socially stimulated and in the best care. IF any “boo-boo” happened it was documented and we were notified right away. We would recommend, and have recommended Precious Kids to friends and family. Your child won’t just be cared for, but they will be introduced to a new curriculum and you will see them make leaps and bounds. He/She will be in the best hands. Safe. Fun. Engaging.