Hi My name is Patsy.

I am a Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Wife, and Mother .
Always holding my true potentials hostage within a wall of anxieties and insecurities.
Dreaming of far away vacations on a beach chasing Paisley and Patrick napping in the background. Coming back to a reality I would not trade for the world.

Sometimes the only step forward you can make is with a little push.
That is how “They Call Me Momma Patsy” came to be.
Our home is open to our family, friends, and families who need a place to send their children to during the day. Where you know your child is safe, happy, and truly loved.
I give lots of  kisses and love a good snuggle.
We dance and sing a lot in our home.
Our schedule is pretty steady.
Trying to stick to the plans I have made for the day.
Improvising when the need arises.
Ready for nap time at our ten o’clock snack some days.
Enjoying every moment.
Surrounding ourselves with creativity and laughter.
Blessed by each others presence.